"everything is a product and there is a product for everyone" we launched our office in Tokyo, Japan 2008 our epicenter is in (wynwood)—Miami and our reach is international. We specialize in building communities trough HYPER-LOCAL and MICRO-SOCIAL platforms and aim to ensure future relationships with the use of our own approach: Culture Design™.


We are a creative lab and as such we operate as one, so our methods are strongly rooted in experimentation, and the scientific method.

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Culture Design
Culture Design

Developed and pioneered by Product/81 creative lab, this discipline merges principles of marketing, advertising, public relations and experiential approaches to create new platforms of subscription and lasting honest relationships with brands, communities and products.


"everything is an experiment" —Tibor Kalman

  • 20TH OCT

    You Really Get My Goat at Gesamtkunstwerk Projecktraum presents the first solo exhibition by emerging Miami artist, Serena Dominguez. The exhibition which runs from October 12, 2013 - November 16, 2013 shares an intimate look into the thought process of an artist fresh in her career. Dominguez, a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, documents the philosophical, existential, and off-beat humor from her brain onto a sketchbook. We love the wit, detail and style.

  • 17TH OCT

    Wazzup Fordistas this is Mr. Pauer. From now on I’ll be designing your weekends so you can have a better ride and enjoy all the great things happening in beautiful Miami! To start off how about some vintage FANIA tracks, James Brown and edgy Electropico? That’s right! All in one party called SABROSURA happening October 17 at The Garret at Grand Central. There’s no cover charge and all the action starts around 10ish (Miami time). On Friday night, I’ll be doing an exploration of different venues that define a vibe in town: Wood Tavern, TSL Lounge and Gramps in Wynwood Art District, a stop at the new South Beach hang out spot Clandestino Bar and a late gathering with friends at The Corner in Downtown Miami. It’s always a good thing to move around and see what’s up with the music and people around town. Saturday, October 19th is the 3rd Annual Grovetober Fest at Peacock Park in the Grove. How do 250 different beers sound? Well, this is a great event to start your afternoon under Miami’s best weather of the year. A late night event you won’t want to miss is Locos Por Juana’s monthly party “La Fiesta Loca” at The Stage where they will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band. WOW! This is definitely one of my favorite bands in town and I’ll be celebrating with them for sure.

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we are defined by the work we do, who we collaborate with and everything that surrounds the project.
With extensive backgrounds in classical communications disciplines we formed Product/81 creative lab as a counter-cultural response to the rapid and imminent change in the way our society perceives and subscribes to media, products and brands.