Autism speaks


April is World Autism Month, featuring “Light it Up Blue” in which landmarks around the world are illuminated in the symbolic color of the cause. South Florida Ford wanted to elevate its efforts to raise awareness of the growing prevalence of Autism and its effects on families.


If audiences are provided with an immersive sensory experience, then they will have a better understanding of how an autistic child perceives the world and will be more inspired to take action.



Set on the 7th floor of 11 11 Lincoln Road, 150 guests were invited to experience and intimately explore the complex world of Autism. A collaboration with Tecné Collective, a group of world-renowned digital artists, led to the creation of “Same World, Different Perspectives”, a video mapping installation that told the story of Autism Spectrum Disorder like it had never been told before. With images precisely video mapped onto the windows of three Ford C- Max’s, the center car represented the world as experienced by an average individual, while the other two cars represented the autistic perspective - from perceptual challenges and breaking points to the advantages unique to the condition. It was an emotional journey for many guests accompanied by an evening filled with stunning panoramic views, passed hors d’oeuvres, Light it up Blue-inspired cocktails and sounds by Latin Grammy-nominated Mr. Pauer.



Celebrities and Miami’s influencers filled the venue to raise funds for the organization. Moved to share their experience, guests engaged with their own social media audiences to spark conversation around the cause using #SFFblue.

Earned media garnered over 5,032,809 impressions. Perhaps the most meaningful metric of all is South Florida Ford’s commitment to an annual #LIUB event on behalf of Autism Speaks.